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A couple folks have asked me about the new windchill options in our latest versions of Platinum software.  Please find a description below.  Let me know if you have any questions.

The first option uses information entered in the controller during setup (fan capacity etc).

The second option uses a wind speed detector purchased through your dealer. 

The Wind chill factor basics are:
Wind chill calculation
- SW knows the capacity of the fan (through installation)
- SW knows all operating Tunnel fans at given moment (through levels of ventilation)
- Then SW calculates total air exchange 
- SW knows the Chicken House cross section (through dimensions at installation)
- Then SW calculates the Tunnel Wind speed through total air exchange and cross section area
- SW knows the bird weight (through bird curve) at given day
- Then it extracts the Wind Chill Factor data from the Cobb breed Table (integrated into SW) through the bird weight and wind speed

Wind Chill control
When Wind Chill Control is enabled, the SW goes up/down Tunnel levels according to calculated temperature minus wind chill  factor (not by actual). Cool pad is controlled by calculated value as well.
Please note: The actual temperature determines the entry and exit into Tunnel Mode

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