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Platinum Plus Controller sent an alarm for Bird Scale Card Fail.  Noticed the egg  room cooler was flipping back and forth between the heat on/off cool on/off and humidity on/off then saw the temperature sensors in the cooler as well as the egg room were bouncing back and forth erractically sometimes even 2-3 degrees difference.

Upon further inspection the wiring on a couple of the relays look to have starting charring and the ribbons inside have minimal creases in them from the metal plate inside the door.  I am thinking it's the analog input card since all the temp sensors plug into it but not sure how to determine if the card is bad or good.

This is affecting my temps in the house as it thinks it's warmer than it is so too many fans run, inlets are opened wider than need to be and though I've made degree adjustments using the calibration for now, my ventilation still suffers.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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