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Good Morning,

My computer is broken, so i have to install the rotem platinet in the new computer. i got error message
1st message  ---Could not find GI_Last_Command 'Local Delay'---

2nd message :  ---Could not find GI_Last_Command 'ModemDelay'--- 

3rd message:  ---Could not find GI_Last_Command 'Flow control'--- .

4th message:  ---Could not find GI_Last_Command 'Blocksize'--- 

5th message:  ---Could not find GI_Last_Command 'SturtUp'--- 

and the final is : Run-time '13': Type mismatch

Can you help me with this please.


i use the Rotem Platinet version 2_21_27

pc run window 10

The broken pc ran window 10 and rotem platinet 2_21_27 too.

The second issue is: i don't know what going on with my rotem platinum plus controller. when it is on tunnel mode, all the ventilation door are open 100%. Can you let me know how can i fix this issue?

Thank you so much.


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Nice speaking with you today. Glad things are working now.  If this keeps giving you problems we may need to find an older pc to run this software.  It's fairly old software and wasn't really designed to run on 64bit systems running windows 10 (they didn't exist when this software was written).  You could also upgrade the chips in your platinum's and run RotemNet instead which is more current and will run better on your computer hardware.
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