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I have a Dura Drive installed on my wall inlets. Install was performed by an authorized dealer and is less than one year old. Three months ago i was fixing a water line and noticed oil seeping around the flange where the motor is connected to the winch. I wiped it off and made sure the flange bolts were tight. I came back the next day to find another slight drip. The unit is working fine, however I am very concerned about this unit failing in the future should it run out of oil, which seems inevitable if it leaks and there is no way to fill it. Sales info says that it is sealed for life, and i see no way to fill it from the exterior. I am getting ready to ship birds next month, and will have a three week turnaround to either fix the unit or remove and install something else. Since I don't want an expensive decoration sitting on my parts shelf, I am hoping there is a way to fill and reseal it. Can anyone provide info on if filling and resealing is possible and parts/gear oil type required? I have another Dura Drive that was installed at the same time and have no problems with it. I assume that this unit was defective from the beginning, and I only noticed it leaking because I was working on the water line right next to it. If resealing is not possible, would this situation be covered by the warranty? I reached out to the dealer who installed it multiple times, but haven't received a response on if it is repairable. Thanks
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