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dumb bird

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So my next door neighbors bought a Rotem Platinum Plus system for their turkey house. They have a static pressure house, and it is a starter house. The guy who sold them the system installed it and basically told them afterwards he does not do training on it and does not know how to work it, he just installs them. This is day 2 with this thing and they lost 14 times the normal number of birds the second night than they used to before it was installed. I need to know how to make this work for them. Are there any online support videos, do you have trainers that can come here and show someone how to work this system? Shenandoah Valley Virginia location.

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Yes we do training somewhere in the country almost every week.  Please let me know who your dealer is and provide me with some contact info (private message) I will let them know you are interested so they can get the most out of their machine.  The platinum plus controller will do just about anything you want it to once you understand it's settings and how they are laid out.  They will love it.
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