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I have 6 Platinums communicating through RF cards to the Communicator in my office at home (line of site). Around 3 years ago lightning ran in the the phone line and basically obliterated the Communicator.
$5K to replace it, changed to a cellular phone box for dial out and power the unit and PC through an APC surge protector and backup. I thought it was a pretty thorough job of protecting it. Tonight after a medium sized storm I start getting loss of communication alarms. After I rush home and get to the office the Communicator cannot find any of the Platinums at the farm. Under System/ Test/ Hardware Profile/, the LAN and RF are showing N/A. PC works fine but says it does not recognize the device, therefore com3 doesn't show up on the Network Setup window.
So on a stormy Sunday night (with no working alarm system), I'm staring at this box that I have $10k in and doesn't work again and asking myself (can it be surge protected enough)? And at what point do you cut your losses and go a different way? Any ideas or help welcome.
Randy Davis

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Sounds like the usb has been hit in the communicator.  Switch to serial port will allow you to make repair without switching back boards.  Also check the ground network on your building make sure you are generating a good ground for the system to earth anything over 10 to 14 ohms will create problems 0 to 6 being optimal.  

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Also, keep in mind the communicator box itself should be grounded using the special grounding screw on the case, similar to the one on the commbox,  (picture attached).  A UPC for a computer is great, I would probably use one of the protected plugs WITHOUT battery backup though (there is usually both on the device), so you still get a loss of power alarm from the communicator.

comm_ground.jpg  commboxgrounding.jpg  upc.jpg 

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