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Daniel Rayne

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I was looking online at the new communicator 2.0 and thought its has all the options of the commbox plus the ability to give you the alarm messages through text messages. I didn’t know what the differences was between the two. If the only difference is the alarms is there a way to upgrade the commbox to the comunicator 2.0

DiversifiedAG - TechDept

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Hello Daniel,

First, I apologize for the late response.  Your message was sent to a private conversation by mistake.
The difference between the two units is substantial.  The commbox usually works with a communicator 1.  The communicator 2 is both units in one case.  The communicator 2.0 will send text, email, call, and push notifications via our app. 

Please call us at 732-363-2333 if you'd like more information.

Thank you 
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