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This has been coming up a lot.  Here are some minimum requirements and things you should have when  installing your comm box.

  • Arm Cpu's In your Platinums.  Check with your dealer for a special upgrade price program if you want to upgrade your XA cpus (old style) to Arm Cpus (new style with SD card slot).
  • Latest Software version on your Platinums. X.14.r7 or higher is recommended.
  • Latest Chip in your communicator.  3.06r1 minimum (3.07r2 recommended)
  • Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor or TV with HDMI (1080p or higher resolution recommended)
  • Proper wiring on your farm.  Check with our techs or your dealer for more info, but proper gauge wire and a daisy chained configuration is required for optimal performance.
  • A USB thumbdrive with latest version of commbox software in case you need to update your commbox.  (It's an easy process and is documented on the forum <<HERE>>)

It may sound like a lot but its a very simple process.  Making sure all this is in place before you get on sight will ensure a smooth and speedy install.
Any questions drop us a line.  You can always submit a ticket <<HERE>>, and someone will get back to you quick!  You can also post here in the forum with any questions.

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