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Here is some info from our techs on calibrating the static pressure sensor.  I have also attached it as a separate document to make it easier to print.

How to calibrate the static pressure.
Open menu on the Rotem controller and go to number 7 icon service hit enter.
Then go to number 4 static pressure calibration hit enter.
Then the screen will display the current A/D counts for the static pressure.
Normal A/D counts for the XA CPU is 130. Normal A/D counts for the arm CPU (has SD Card slot on it) is 100. Determine which CPU you have attached to your controller. The CPU is located on the door of the Rotem in the upper right hand corner.
Pull both hoses off the Rotem. Then check A/D counts and compare to above numbers.
Make sure there is no air movement where the Rotem is located while checking. The reading will move around depending on how much air movement is present inside the work room. It should stay roughly around the above 100 or 130.
If the A/D counts are reading wrong then open the Rotem and find the static pressure card on the card you will see a blue box with a small screw (potentiometer). This screw will adjust the A/D counts. Turn the screw gently and watch the numbers on the screen. Adjust the screw till the numbers match above numbers. Then hit enter to calibrate once you have the number set. This will set the A/D counts.

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