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Community News & Announcements
8 8 Platinum Plus was discontinued by Rotem - UPDATE!
by DiversifiedAG - TechDept
General Discussion
10 9 Ventilation by weight
by Oalamer
General 19 10 Training Session - Auburn, AL
by DiversifiedAG - TechDept
Backup Systems 13 7 RBU27 troubleshooting guide
by Randy Davis
Our Newest Exciting Product!
36 11 Data Collect
by Victor Bergdahl
Communication Products
Communicators, Wireless RF, Rlink Technology, Etc
60 28 NEW SW version 3.07.06 for the Communicator
by DiversifiedAG - TechDept
Light Dimmers 5 3 Dimmer analog output assignment
by Donnie Wright
Piguard Products 0 0 No posts
Platinum Plus Controllers 118 57 Temperature curve
by Randy Davis
RotemNet 82 23 RotemNet stops communicating after house scan.
by DiversifiedAG - TechDept
Scale Systems 12 5 Silo Wire Troubleshooting -- Resistance Values
by RotemTech
Drinkers 2 2 Installation with the new "Outside Connector"
by kgladfelter
Feeders 1 1 Turkey Poult Feeder
by kgladfelter
Water On Demand
Share your tips and WOD success stories here!
13 10 WOD Pro installation booklet
by Randy Davis
     Other Di Products
DI Drive
Curtain and Vent
12 9 high static pressure
by RandyH78
MixRite Medicators 0 0 No posts
Water Meters 7 2 If power off to meter will water still flow through it and not be tracked
by RotemTech
Tunnel Shutters, Doors, Vents 3 3 Mounting "Hanging Brackets" for Tunnel Shutters
by jmcknight
     Technical Training
Rotem Controller Training 3 3 Rotem Controller training - Auburn University Facility
by DiversifiedAG - TechDept
WOD Pro Training 4 2 WOD Training Auburn, AL
by DiversifiedAG - TechDept

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